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Eric Riston

     Eric Riston has been overlanding in Land Rovers since the early 1990s. He has worked at Atlantic British, America’s largest Land Rover parts retailer, for nearly 24 years, moving through the ranks from shop assistant to Retail Sales Team Leader. After many years wheeling Defenders and Range Rover Classics, he is currently building a Range Rover Sport into his next overlanding rig. He has traveled all across America overland, but his heart will always lie in Moab. Now Eric will bring his outdoor experience to bear on the 1WO photo and video contest.

Russ Brown

     Russ Brown is a native of the United Kingdom and lifelong Rover enthusiast.  Russ is also a writer and contributor to Land Rover Owners magazine.  His travels take him to events in the UK as well as the United States.  Our first experience meeting Russ was at the 2010 Land Rover National Rally in Moab Utah.  His experience with Land Rovers, his talent for writing, his photographic background, all around friendly demeanor along with his general bond-like British-ness make him an excellent choice to serve on the judging panel for the One World Overland photo & Video Contest!

Kevin Baldwin

     Kevin Baldwin can remember being fascinated as a small boy with the distinctive red and yellow transfer box levers in his grandfather’s Series 2 Land Rover on the family farm. He learned to drive in his father’s Land Rover and the first car he bought was a Land Rover. Unsurprisingly the green oval has been ever present in some form throughout his life.
Having competed in off-road events in the U.K., Kev would forge a career in off-road journalism writing for many of the UK Land Rover and 4×4 titles.
In 2003 Kev decided to modify the seating position in his Defender to accommodate his 6’5″ frame and unwittingly created the MUD business that has grown into one of the most respected brands in the Land Rover aftermarket parts industry.
Land Rovers have taken Kev on adventures to many parts of the world including a 5500 mile coast to coast off-road crossing of the US when he shipped his own Defender across the Atlantic to tackle the Trans America Trail.
Kev owns a 2014 Defender with Pop Top roof conversion and a 1955 Series One Land Rover. Kevin will be one of the judges for our photo/video contest!

Ray and Marianne Hyland

     Ray and Marianne Hyland are the duo behind the popular NW Overland Rally and the new BC Overland Rally. Before taking on the Rallies, Ray worked with Overland Journal and Expedition Portal, writing, taking photos, and driving cool trucks. He is also the Canadian Chapter Chair of The Explorers Club, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Together Ray and Marianne’s expeditions have taken them to the remote areas of five continents, and they hope to reach the last two soon.

     Their most recent trip was a 16,000 mile, 9-month trip from London to Singapore in a 60-year-old, $500 Land Rover, together with their three kids. Ray and Marianne Hyland will serve as judges for the One World Overland photo/video contest, as well as contribute amazing content to the 1WO site. Thanks for participating!

Nicole Stavro Espinosa

      Nicole Stavro Espinosa will be judging the 1WO contest as well!
Currently living on the road on her motorcycle, Nicole is spreading her wings    to document a journey of a lifetime. The whim of the road is a grand teacher   that opens up the world to new perspective, and Nicole is growing with this new insight found on two wheels. By sharing her road magic with more of the masses through her new vlog, she is hoping to inspire others to step into their own power, as well. And with opening up like this, she is finding that this type of sharing has great rewards…new travel opportunities. This will lead her to getting that sidecar she’s always wanted to get her kids Alana and Dimitri out there with her to explore the world.  Thanks Nicole Stavro Espinosa!