Review:  ESEE-5P-OD by 1WO Review:  ESEE-5P-OD by 1WO
ESEE-5P in Olive Drab Knife provided for review by Randall’s Adventure Training & Equipment Group      As an outdoor enthusiast, the importance of good... Review:  ESEE-5P-OD by 1WO

ESEE-5P in Olive Drab

Knife provided for review by

Randall’s Adventure

Training & Equipment Group

     As an outdoor enthusiast, the importance of good tools and equipment quickly becomes evident.  A good knife can be one of the most most important pieces of gear you carry.  Different knives have different characteristics that make them useful and appealing.   Not long ago I saw my first ESEE knife.  I liked it quite a bit and decided to reach out to get my hands on one to see how it would hold up.  Randall’s Adventure Group sent me a few different items to check out.  In addition to this review, several others about additional items will be available soon.

     What has quickly become a top favorite in my collection of knives is the ESEE-5.  The knife is sizeable and impressive the first time you hold it.  The knife is RAZOR sharp and has weight to it.  The heft is a feature I really like.  The trend of the day seems to be to make everything as light as possible regardless of how it impacts the design.  The weight of this knife is a plus and wields differently than something more concerned with the number of Ounces it consists of.  This knife was originally “Designed by military SERE instructors as a hard-use downed pilot’s survival knife.”

There are multiple versions of this knife, but this particular model is my favorite.  It is a tool for sure.

    •    Overall Length: 11.0″
    •    Blade Length: 5.25″
    •    Thickness: .25″
    •    Steel: 1095 Carbon, 55-57 Rc
    •    Finish: Textured Powder Coat
    •    Blade Width: 1.56″
    •    Grind: Saber
    •    Weight (Knife Only): 16 Ounces
    •    Handles: Canvas Micarta
    •    Black Kydex Sheath w/ Clip Plate
    •    Thumb Jimping On Spine
    •    Glass Breaker Pommel
    •    Bow Drill Divot In Handle

     Did I mention the blade is Razor Sharp?  The knife is just shy of 1 foot long, consists of a single large piece of steel with two handle segments attached to either side of the blade.  It arrived with a hell of an edge on it.  The canvas handles give you a sure an easy grip.  The knife just seems to settle in your hand.  It feels sturdy and steady.  The blade is not the only business end of the of this knife.  There is a pommel at the end of the handle, a “glass breaker pommel.”  Having trained with knives in the past, this end has several other possible uses too.

     I have used this knife for cutting, hacking, once to break a screw head loose, as a hammer and tested it on the window of a scrap vehicle.  It performs in every category.  There are a couple of configurations that allow you to carry the knife on a belt, or on a military style LBS piece of gear.  The second configuration allows me to attach it to MOLLE webbing on various bags.  The ESEE brand seems to be one that takes pride in their work.  This is a piece of gear that you can use in harsh conditions and situations and continue to count on.   This knife travels with me on all of my trips now.  I do recommend checking them out and if you run into me on the trail ask to see mine.  I’ll most likely have it on me.

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