The Trouble With Foreigners
                                   The biggest problem with foreigners is that many of them are so far away.  Facebook has helped a little to shrink the distance problem.  From people with similar interests in my own country to those living in the far away lands I dream of visiting, facebook has helped... Read more
Where The Road Ends –  Part 1 Motorcycle Build
WHERE THE ROAD ENDS – EXPEDITION      In November 2017, four retired U.S. Army Paratroopers will be taking motorcycles from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. In the process they will travel by land through the 100 mile stretch of roadless jungle that separates Panama and Colombia and commonly known... Read more
Traveler: Robyn Davidson  – Tracks Movie
CAMEL CROSSING & ROBYN DAVIDSON A TRUE STORY Just recently I found a movie on Netflix called Tracks.  It tells the story of a woman named Robyn Davidson several month journey crossing the Australian Desert using Camels.  The film was released in 2013, but the actual trip took place... Read more
About the Traveler Section
  The traveler tab is intended for content about traveling, routes, historical & Geographic, destinations, places to visit, activities and much more.  Another featured element will focus on the travelers themselves.  Follow along for content with useful travel tips, travel information and good old fashioned stories about other like... Read more