How does the Contest work?

   Once you enter the contest, you are able to submit 1 entry to the category of your choice.  There are steps to the judging process.  The 1st is public judging.  You retry will be posted on our social media page.  The top 10 most liked entries in each category go on to the finalist round.  Our panel of judges will grade submissions based on multiple criteria scoring each on a scale of 1-10.  The sum will give the final score for each entry.  The winner of the Grand Prize will the entry with the highest score.

What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie, those entries will go through another round of judging.  This will determine the Grand Prize winner from the entries with tied scores.

Do I have to submit my entry when I sign up/enter the contest?

No, you have until the submission deadline to submit your entry.  The submission deadline is November 1st, 2017.  Entering the contest early allows you to vote on vehicle options, gear packages and various choices that only entrants get to decide.

What are the Major Milestones?

Major Milestones are different participation goals we need to meet to complete various portions of the giveaway.  There are 4 Major Milestones (see Milestone under OFFICIAL CONTEST tab).

Refunds – What if I enter the contest, but the first milestone is not reached?

The first milestone is 1000 entries.  This photo/video contest is participation driven similar to a crowdfunding site project.  Each entry includes your choice of swag packages.  Entrants get swag such as t-shirts at a discounted rate.  If the contest does not reach the first milestone, then entrants will receive a refund less the retail cost of the swag package, shipping, and associated/transaction fees from payment transfers.  One World Overland (1WO) reserves the right to alter the milestone numbers to a lower number.  The milestone number will never be raised.  This means that if we reach a point close to the goal like 900, 1WO can choose to go ahead and meet that 1000 milestone even though that milestone number was not met.  As the goals/milestones are based on participation, refunds will only be made if the 1st milestone is not met.

What is a Mini-Goal? 

Mini-goals are smaller milestones that occur at number other than the Major Milestones.  There are several giveaways that will occur between the Major Milestones as we hit certain numbers.  These giveaways will include gear like too top tents, portable solar generators and various other swag and prizes.  Mini-Goals are another great reason to enter early.  In addition to voting on build and gear package options, entrants can take part in more of the gear and swag giveaways.

Does it matter when my submission was created?

YES.  Your entry must have been created with the last couple years (give or take a couple months).    Part of the reason there is a submission deadline, rather than having to submit your work when you enter is because you can enter a photo or video you created on a previous adventure or if you have an awesome trip coming up this summer, you can submit an entry from that trip.  Any content submitted must be your work (created by you), and you must be the owner.  If you have apiece of content created for another person, or entity  and do not have permission to use it, it is not eligible for entry.  All work must be original and not part of any other contest.

How do I enter the contest?

Visit the “Enter the contest” area of the Shop


Anyone interested in entering should visit the shop section of the website.  One of the main categories is “enter the contest.”  Select the entry/swag package combo you want and check out.  Once your entry payment is received, 1WO will send you a form to fill out for swag that requires details like size, color and design.  This form will also have your official ID#.  Your content submission will be named posted with your ID as the official identifier.

Is this contest only for people with overland or off-road vehicles?

Is it for only one brand of vehicles?  No, this contest is open to anyone regardless of whether they have a vehicle already.  The first vehicle 1WO hopes to give away as the grand prize is a Land Rover Defender 110, but in the future 1WO wants to build other vehicles.  Future vehicles may include more Land Rovers, Toyotas, Jeeps and adventure bikes.  The categories are set up so that anyone can enter no matter whether your passion is vehicle supported exploration, mountain biking or hiking.  No matter what you like to do, there is no reason not to have an awesome vehicle to do it in.

Do I need to be a professional photographer or videographer to enter?

  Absolutely not!  1WO has created many categories to accommodate all skill levels.  Our judges come from a bunch of different backgrounds.  Each submission will be scored according to a set of criteria.  Your entry will be judged on the criteria for your selected category.  Some criteria applies to all categories like creativity, execution and concept.  A person that may not be as technically proficient as a professional videographer, but comes up with a terrific idea and makes a cool video could score very high.  Think of all the stuff you see on Youtube.  The most popular ones are not always the ones that go viral.

When will the winner be announced?

Once we reach the 1st Milestone, the vehicle will be given away.  The final announcement will be made on or about March 1st, 2018.  There are extra days built into the deadline in the event of a tie and another round of judging is required to break the tie.

What exactly will be done to the Grand Prize vehicle?

Not every detail is available in the beginning, partly because the entrants will be making a lot of the choices by voting.  You can see general build info on the Milestones page.  As for specifics like what engine will be in the vehicle, paint colors and so on will be made by the entrants.  Enter now so that you help make decisions on the vehicle build from the get go.  You will also have chances to win other prizes that will be given away throughout the contest.  In the meantime, you can take a while to create your best submission.

What will be included with the gear packages that come with the vehicle?

  Similar to the vehicle choices, many of the options for gear packages will be voted on.  For example, many of the gear packages include a photo package.  Entrants may get to choose between a Canon or Nikon package.  See Milestones page for more info.

Is this like a raffle or a sweepstakes?

No! Those are considered games of chance, or gambling.  This is a contest of skill.  Your entries go through 2 rounds of judging and the winner is decided based on skill and creativity.  Translation, you don’t just buy a ticket and get lucky.  You will need to put in effort.  Your chances improve with hard work that shows your passion for the outdoors and adventurous spirit.

More FAQ’s on the way