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When I first saw a photo of the UrbanClimbers they were a bit startling.  They kind of look like shin guards that a soccer... UrbanClimber

When I first saw a photo of the UrbanClimbers they were a bit startling.  They kind of look like shin guards that a soccer player might wear.  This comparison is made based only on the location they are worn on the body.  You immediately notice a difference.  At first glance, if only at a photo of the UrbanClimbers alone, they could be mistaken for a costume piece from a Mad Max movie.  Once you see them in action, their function becomes very apparent.  UrbanClimbers are not for decoration.  Combining high-tech design, extreme durability and serious functionality, the designers of UrbanClimbers have put together a product born from the imagination of a comic book superhero and made them a reality.  I reached out to UrbanClimbers and they provided me with the following product information and several photos.  They have also agreed to provide a set for our own gear review.  Can’t wait to share that firsthand experience!



The Urbanclimber’s effectiveness seems only to be limited by my capacity to include my shins as a working platform. Whether it is crawling into or out of an underwater cave or climbing on to rocks or a boat, they work. Once I have tuned my brain to utilizing their potential I am getting the results. The more I wear them the faster I become used to them being part of my kit. I have had my 300 lbs including kit plus an unknown weight of full wetsuit on sharp wet rocks and so far have only managed to scratch them. A.B. Recreational diver. Bay of Islands NZ

Application: used to climb hesco’s, rock walls, and various vertical walls. Very effective. Durability: High, the equipment is still being used today. R.P. US Infantry Unit. Afghanistan.

I love the product. M.A. Miramar PD SWAT. FL USA

“Very impressive….I have tried them on a variety of surfaces and materials, and have been really pleased with both the bite and stability of those teeth. Where normally I’ve felt the need to kneel up onto a surface, committing that much of a lunge to my ascent, being able to go “half-way” with a shin gave me a lot more scope to choose how I ascend, and potentially limit my exposure in doing so”  J.O. Vic Australia
Whilst negotiating the ship’s railing the Urbanclimb was able to take my full weight (approx 120kg /265 lbs fully kitted) and allowed me to quickly climb over the rail system and board the vessel. After several run-throughs I also discovered that I could negotiate windows whilst maintaining two hands on my primary weapon. In this particular circumstance and environment I believe they excels. M.W. NZ Police, Christchurch New Zealand

After wearing the Urbanclimbers in 90 degree’s in the Florida weather for more than 12 hours, they were light weight and very comfortable. The design of the Urbanclimbers were made for operators in all environments. I forgot they were even on. They are easy to use with or without full combat load. Overall, they are a great tool to use for mobility. A structurally sound product. P.W. Polk County SWAT. FL USA

They are unbreakable, I tried them on everything and they stood up to it. A really useful product. H.C. 5th Special Forces Group (Green Beret). KY USA

In urban conditions they performed great and just like described. The urban climbers made it easy to traverse over walls and chain linked fences, while protecting the sensitive shin bone. I am 6’3″ 270lbs and so far they have held up for me. In rural conditions because of the openness of the construction, they do not snag on tree limbs or branches. Great construction very creative concept, recommended. State Troopers, SWAT. USA
Feed Back:

Like having a built in ladder, super lightweight. This product far surpassed my expectations. They don’t add any bulk to your kit but provide a ton of functionality.  Concrete, brick, and metal walls are an ease to traverse when you have them on.  You don’t realize how valuable they are until you come to an obstacle that you would otherwise have to go around or have someone boost you over it. Z.U. Clarksville PD Tactical Unit. TN USA

Light, comfortable, can kick the sh!t out of something. Has high protection and ability to lock in and shoot from a high angle as well as rough irregular terrain. K.D. SEAL. CA USA

Wow, what a tool. They take about 15minutes to get used to but once you get it, they are a fantastic. The team was not used to using their shins to climb, but once they were familiarized they were great. They provided us with enhanced climbing, stability and offered great shin protection for our USAR operations. We are planning to make the Urbanclimbers a part of our issued PPE kit, I endorse them for USAR operations. E.P Director Essex County TRT. MA, USA

We can see benefit in raids and callouts where the operator may be called to quickly scale an obstacle that might otherwise be difficult or cause injury. VERY durable, a good piece of kit! J.T. Sangamon County Tactical Response Unit. IL USA


•    Climbing aid, assists the user RAPIDLY ASCEND obstacles
•    STABILIZERS user on uneven ground and in awkward positions
•    PROTECTS the shin and knee, prevents injury
•    Close Quarter BATTLE TOOL
•    Perpetrator RESTRAINT
•    DETACHABLE KNEE PAD, reduces strapping behind knee.

General Specifications:

•    The system holds in excess of 1300 lbs (590 kg): teeth, buckle, stirrup
•    Weighs only 0.8 lbs (385 g)
•    Kevlar stirrup protected by biothane sheath
•    Resistant to high impact, puncture and UV
•    Fire Resistant Self Extinguishing UL94 V0 Rated
•    Silicone inlay on calf strapping, flexi hose included for additional comfort
•    Buoyant, all units
•    Lower padding can be cut away from the shell to allow better boot-fit. If required, cut padding below the lowest tooth, and above highest stirrup slot (surface cuts to stirrup and shell will not adversely affect performance)
•    1SFA, guards can be widened for better fit

Being taught to climb using the ‘3 points of contact, feet and hands only etc’ is fine when there is plenty of time. However, these pure techniques tended to ‘go out the window, when trying to get in the window’ or when hastily scrambling over uneven ground. In these cases we use almost nothing but shins, knees and elbows. The Urbanclimbers also aid extremely well when stabilizing a shooter or rescuer on uneven terrain.

•    So, the gap that the Urbanclimbers fit into is: rapid climbing, combat climbing / scrambling situations. They are best used when the operator / rescuer needs extra grip, stability and leverage to quickly get over an obstacle, wall or up a steep ravine – whilst under fire, quickly and or with equipment and while trying to keep a low profile. Or when the user simply needs added static stability on uneven terrain.

•    They don’t interfere or detract from normal operations, even in the heat. They are compatible with Crye trousers and almost all in-service knee pads and boots. Although on the X3 model, we have developed our own knee pad. This allows the user to reduce one strap behind the knee, when wearing both the X3 and Knee Pad.

The primary users of the Urbanclimb are: Special Forces, Police SWAT, Fire Rescue/USAR, Infantry conducting urban/mountain operations, Navy conducting ship boarding, recreational hunters, divers and photographers.
The Urbanclimb Story: The product is simple, but is sometimes confused for being a simple Shin Guard, rather than a state-of-the-art urban-climber. The idea was developed while the inventor was in the SAS, and being taught to climb properly, then being asked to go fast, and keep low with combat loads.

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Product information provided by Urban Climber

Find more information @ http://www.exoskel-group.com/











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